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Information, programs and resources to help you look after your nutrition, and prepare and eat healthy, happy foods

Eating well has a far stronger influence on your healthy ageing and wellbeing than you may think. When you feed your body nutritious food, you not only reduce many of the issues related to poor diet, but you also feel much healthier and happier. However, nutritious meals can be time consuming to prepare, difficult to access and expensive for some older people. On this page, you can find information about nutrition, services that deliver prepared meals, and community organisations and social groups that can support you to eat well.

Signs and causes of poor nutrition

People often have trouble identifying the harmful effects of poor nutrition, as they may only become apparent over a long period of time. The sooner you identify them and change your eating behaviours for the better, the easier it is to get your body in a healthier place.

The symptoms of poor nutrition may surprise you, so it can be helpful to check the list even if you think you eat well.

Malnutrition and ageing

An article explaining how malnutrition occurs and impacts older Australians, to help you identify malnutrition.

Malnutrition causes, symptoms and treatments

An article outlining the impact of malnutrition in Australia and providing insight into the causes of malnutrition and how to identify the symptoms.

Improving your diet

Looking after your nutrition can help you improve your health and feel healthier and happier. There are many resources and services to help you look after your nutrition, ranging from health professionals to recipe books specifically for the needs of older people.

Nutrition and older adults

A fact sheet providing information about eating well and ageing well.

Healthy Eating When You’re Older

An article with dietary guidelines for older people.

Healthy eating over 60

An article with in-depth insight and advice about the nutritional needs of people over 60.

Australian Guide to Healthy Eating

A food selection guide visually representing the proportions of the five food groups recommended for consumption each day.

Good Mood Food: How food influences mental wellbeing

An article explaining how food and mood are linked, encouraging readers to eat food that boosts their mental health.

Personalised digital recipe collection

A digital resource where you can collect your favourite online recipes together as a personalised recipe book. You need to make a free account to save it.

Diabetes Australia

An organisation supporting people with diabetes through prevention and management resources, services and research. The website lists information about dieting and nutrition for people with diabetes.

How to make healthier meals at home

A guide to help you plan and prepare healthier meals at home.


Your general practitioner (GP) might advise you to see a dietitian for professional help with improving your diet and nutrition. You can start with these resources to find information about seeing a dietitian and services near you.

Seeing a dietitian

A webpage with information about seeing a dietitian, including costs and referral requirements.

Search for dietitians

A search tool to help you find dietitians. Type your suburb in the search box to find dietitians near you.

Community and social groups

Eating and nutrition can be greatly impacted by social circumstances, so it’s helpful to get involved in community and social groups that combine good nutrition with social connection.

Social nutrition

There are many council programs and organisations that provide opportunities for you to eat good food with good company.

If you need help with travelling to local programs, you may be able to access free and subsidised transport services in your area.

See more about transport here.

Local community gardens

A growing network of community gardens and city farms around Australia, providing residents with places to meet and grow healthy food in their neighbourhoods.

Sandgate And Bracken Ridge Action Group (SANDBAG)

An organisation providing meals, food hampers, toiletries and other essential support during times of hardship. Contact the team for specific information about how they are operating during the pandemic.

Map of Leagues clubs

Leagues clubs are great places to eat well and cost-effectively. You can make new social connections and they offer transport services, such as free courtesy buses. Contact your local club to find out more.

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Accessible food services

In some cases, access to good nutritious food can be limited by financial resources. A number of organisations provide food relief for those in difficult financial positions, because your finances shouldn’t stop you from eating well.

Search for food relief near you

A map of food relief programs to help disadvantaged people find access food. Type your postcode in the search box to find food relief services near you.

Search for local food relief services

A search tool to help you find food relief services near you. The website also has search tools for various other types of charity services.

Search for food vans and kitchens

A search tool to help you find food vans and kitchens providing food relief for those in need of support. Type your suburb or postcode in the search box to find services near you.

Search for neighbourhood and community centres

A search tool to help you find neighbourhood and community centres, which provide friendly, localised access to individual, family and community services. Type your suburb or postcode in the search box to find centres near you.

Search for pharmacies

A search tool to help you find pharmacies, where you can access nutritional supplements and other medication support for your nutritional needs. Type your suburb in the search box to find pharmacies near you. You can also select from the ‘services’ drop-down, in the ‘filters’ box, to find pharmacies that offer specific services (e.g. compounding or e-scripts).

Home delivery services

Food delivery and meal preparation services are becoming more and more common, so there’s a variety of services you can access if it’s difficult for you to travel to buy groceries or cook your own meals. These services are offered with a range of prices, so find the service that is right for you.

To find meal delivery and preparation services near you, see our map here.

Search for your local Meals on Wheels service

A search tool to help you find your local Meals on Wheels service and sign up to receive meals. Meals on Wheels provide and deliver meals to those who find cooking or shopping for themselves challenging and those living with disability or illness. The meals are sold at production cost price, ranging from $4.50–$12 depending on the service. Type your suburb in the search box to find services near you.

Lite n’ Easy delivery

A subscription-based service delivering healthy, ready-made meals. Lite n’ Easy is co-funded by the government, so if you can use NDIS or home care package funding to purchase meals.

Move to aged care

A major benefit of moving into residential aged care is that many aged care facilities provide daily nutritious meals and look after all your cooking and grocery needs, so you don’t have to think about it.

The journey into aged care can be complicated, so these resources can help you figure out what support the government will provide, what costs are involved and how to find the right aged care facility for your needs.

Find more information about aged care options here.


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